Delegation of powers

1. Controller of Stationery

The Controller of Stationery is the head of Stationery department and functions as the authority of all administrative activites within the department and appointments upto and including the lowest gazetted post.


2. Deputy Controller of Stationery

There are two Deputy Controllers assigned separately the charges of administration and stores. The responsibilites of the Deputy Controllers include providing assistance to the Controller of Stationery on all matters concerning the administration of the department and to co-ordinate the activities related to the purchase of materials and inspection of the district stores etc respectively. Deputy Controller of Stationery (Admn) is the authority to pass all the bills regarding purchase and establishment of the head office of the Stationery department. Another important duty vested with the Deputy Controller is to control the day to day activites of the Office.


3. Assistant Controller of Stationery

The four Regional offices situated at Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam, Shoranur and Kozhikode are supervised by the respective Assistant Controller of Stationery. All the administrative activites of Regional Office except posting of personnel are under the control of Assistant Controller.


4. District Stationery Officer

The 10 district offices of Stationery department are headed by district officers whose primary duties include distribution of stationery arctiles to all Government offices in their districts. They are also in charge of office administration.


5. Inspector of Stationery

Each district has a Stationery Inspector to conduct periodic inspection of stationery articles in the customer offices and to ensure proper safe custody and utilisation. The fixation of quota stationery articles to government department/offices, renewal and allocation of additional quota etc are also done on the basis of the report of the stationery inspector.


6. Chief Store Keeper

The Chief Store Keeper is the custodian of the entire stores received at the Chief Stationery Stores at Thiruvananthapuram. It is the duty of the Chief Store Keeper to verify and accept stores on behalf of the Controller of Stationery. Supply of stationery articles to all sub offices of Stationery Department and to Government press is vested with the Chief Store Keeper.


7. Chief Foreman

The Chief Foreman is the chief supervisory officer for the mechanical staff and in charge of the Stationery workshop attached to the O/o the Controller of Stationery, Thiruvananthapuram.


8. Stationery Workshop

In the past the department had a thriving stationery mechanical workshop that undertook repairing and servicing of all government office machinery including typewriter, duplicator etc. With the advent of later technologies in printing and stationery, the workshop has now lost its charm to modern equipments and computerisation. Nevertheless, the workshop still survives as a proud reminant of the department's yesteryears. In yet another interesting legasy the winding of the giant tower clocks at the Secretariat building, Raj bhavan, Kerala Legislative Assembly museum etc are also managed by the mechanics of Stationery department.

The stationery department, Government of Kerala has to its credit decades long heritage of assisting the various Government offices and institution throughout the state. But at the same time the functioning of the department has effectively adapted as per the requirement of changing times