E-Governance Initiative

FOSS Implementation
Stationery Department is one of the pioneers in the implementation Free open source software.
As per the Government IT Policy Stationery Department took initiative and migrated all the desktop and laptop computers to Ubuntu operating system. The migration and training programs completed at the end of financial year 2008 and for the last 9 years department successfully functioning in Free softwares.
This initiative helped the Department to significantly reduce the computerisation cost.  Also this helped the Department to maintain a comparatively more secure IT environment.

SPARK Implementation
The department has successfully implemented the SPARK application to manage the Employee Payroll and Administrative activities of the department at the end of year 2008.
As a recognition of this Department awarded the prestigious e-Governance award 2008 for diligent and speedy implementation of SPARK.

CMF Based Website
For fast and accurate information dissemination department has started a website in popular content management framework Joomla.  The website is available in the address www.stationery.kerala.gov.in. This site is being updated daily with tender notices, office orders and other useful information.

Stationery department has selected as one of the pilot Departments for the implementation of e-Procurement systems including e-Tendering tool. Presently all the procurement activities of Department is accomplished through the help of e-Tendering system.  For more details please visit https://etenders.kerala.gov.in.

Electronic Management and Information System is an online solution to manage and co-ordinate the activities of the Department. The project went live at the end of the 2009.  Now all the sub offices of the Department and its consumer offices are linked together using the e-Mist application.

Department has sucessfully implemented e-Office software, an eGovernance initiative for managing and processing all government documents and files in electronic mode including all suboffices.

TERMS(Total Enterprise Resource Management System) Software

Present e-Mist software is getting revamped under the e-governance initiative into the new TERMS software. Through this consumer offices who has stationery supply is linked to it and stationery supply will be solely done in online mode.